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Associate Member (Vendor and/or Suppliers) Award Categories

Past Winner

Direct Mail Piece
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Associate Members

For TAF&E Associate Members only.

Criteria: Selection is based on clarity of message; design and layout; creativity or uniqueness; and overall appeal of each entry.

Submission instructions: Mount entries for items 40-46 on black poster board or black foam board with no more than a 1/2” to 1” border, if applicable.

Entry 43, 45 and 46 may be in a three ring binder or on a flash drive if desired.

Multiple category entries mounted on the same board will be disqualified.

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40.Best Direct Mail Piece

41.Best Company Image Piece

42.Best Single Display Ad

43.Best Miscellaneous Item

44.Best Online Ad (new)

45.Best Social Media Posts/Campaign (new)

46.Best Email Campaign (new)

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