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Recognition of Professional Excellence/ Awards

The Texas Association of Fairs and Events strives to promote the professional standards and business practices of its members and continuously maintain its high code of conduct. The association prides itself on recognizing and rewarding cutting-edge ideas and the professional men and women who work in this exciting industry through the following annual awards.

Ray Cammack Marketing and Communication Awards of Excellence

Each year TAF&E honors the brightest and best in its annual Marketing Awards Contest. Promotional materials from our members are judged by a panel of experts and awards are presented in over 30 categories.
Deadline for submission of entries is ALWAYS the last Wednesday in October (10/26/17). These awards will be presented at the 2018 TAF&E Convention.

See below PDF Document for the 2016 Award Results! And CLICK HERE to see pics of this year's winners!

North American Midway Entertainment, Inc. Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award

As TAF&E's highest honor, this award inducts those who have exceeded the expectation of those around them and shined brightly as an example of dedication, integrity and professionalism. These awards will be presented at the 2017 TAF&E Convention.

Congratulations to all of our honorees:
2017 Don Buckalew
2016 John Sykes
2015 James Bricker, Buddy & Jenny Siltman
2014 Don Jobes, Dwayne & Beverly Steck, Kay Wolf
2013 Buster Brown, Keith Martin, & Steve Poynor
2012 Lynn Griffin & Pete Van de Putte
2011 Don Ahrens & Wayne Gallagher
2010 Louis Katz & Carolyn Newport McKee
2009 Errol McKoy & Steve Russell
2008 Tony McMillan & Leroy Shafer
2007 Jim Beale & Roy Henderson
2006 Jerry L. Henneke, Rita Jayne Haynes, & Travis Boeker
2005 James Roden, Murray Ferguson, & Lawrence Hemann
2004 Jack King & Marge Rosenberg
2003 Walter "Diz" Ansel
2002 Joe Vera III & Alice Emmons

Professional of the Year and Volunteer of the Year

At the Annual Convention, two members are recognized for their tireless service and exemplary commitment to their events and to our Association.

Congratulations to all of our honorees:

Manager/Professional of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

2017 Keith Smith 2017 Sean Gutierrez

2016 Beth Traylor

2016 Mike Herrera

2015 Susan Sillivan Forbes

2015 Rose Urbanovsky

2014 Glenn Carlton

2014 Steve Adreno

2013 Rusty Fitzgerald

2013 Bill Jenkins

2012 Virgil Bartlett

2012 John Stanley

2011 Wes Allison

2011 Glenn McMennamy

2010 Gayle Hall

2010 Scott Felton

2009 Joyce M. Bise

2009 Mary Bernaski

2008 Bucky Lamb

2008 Douglas R. Borchardt

2007 Don Thorn

2007 Tommy Dodd

2006 James Bricker

2006 Harold Luhn

2005 Rita Jayne Haynes

2005 Joel J.D. Gonzales

2004 John E. Sykes

2004 Eddie Dansby & Wayne Waters

2003 Tony McMillan

2003 William Koehl

2002 Jim Beale

2002 Loe J. Wick & Tom Sawyer

2001 Roy Henderson

2001 Bill Chaney & Kenneth D. Lewis

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