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Category 1-Best Overall

Category 1-Best Overall

This category reflects TAF&E’s number one, best overall award category in the Ray Cammack Shows Awards of Excellence in Marketing and Communications competition.

Category 1-Best Overall Award

Entry Submission Requirements: SUBMIT ENTIRE AWARD ENTRY WITHIN ONE (1) BINDER OR BOUND MATERIAL. No decorated binders-use a plain notebook for entry submission.

Photographs of promotional items are accepted in the binder.

Please submit your entry in the order of the categories/questions listed below. Points will be awarded to the individual sections of your entry, in addition to the overall Judges Criteria points. Points awarded are listed below.

I. Introductory Information: (20 points)

Within a maximum of 4 pages (total), provide an overview of your fair, festival or event’s:

a. Fair/Festival/Event Date (s)

b. Purpose/Mission

c. History/Description of the Fair/Festival/Event

d. Types of activities included under the fair/festival/event umbrella

e. Overall revenue and expense budget

f. Estimated Economic Impact

g. Attendance Numbers & Demographics

h. Staffing Numbers and Positions

i. Volunteer count & Demographics

j. Founding/Incorporating date and management system (i.e. 501( c )3 non-profit staff and volunteer board; city managed; profit-making partnership, etc.)

II. Additional Requirements : (40 points)

Include a detailed overview of EACH element of your fair, festival or event listed below, using no more than 2 pages per section. Make each section a separate tab in your binder in order for the judges to clearly identify them. If your fair, festival or event does not include one or more of the elements listed below, please provide an overview statement as to why your fair, festival or event does not include that element so as not to lose points.

a. Promotional & Marketing Campaign (What was your overall message/slogan/image that you projected for your event this year?)

b. Media Outreach (What was your target population, who received the message, what types of mediums did you utilize and who promoted your message)

c. Website / Social Media / Multi-Media Programs

d. Sponsor Program (Provide an overview of your overall sponsorship program – how many sponsors, who are they and what do they sponsor and total sponsorship funds.)

e. Community Outreach Programs (such as environmental, educational, children’s, charity etc.)

f. Volunteer Program

g. Merchandise Program

h. Descriptions of any other Special Programs unique to your event.

i. Competitive Events and/or Program

j. Creative Arts Events and/or Program

k. Agricultural Events and/or Program

III. Supporting Questions: (10 points)

Please answer the following questions. (Maximum of 1 typed page per question.)

1. What did you do to update/change the fair, festival or event from the year before? Were the updates/changes successful? Please provide measurable results/examples.

If the fair, festival or event is a new event, please answer the following question instead. What challenges/obstacles did you foresee/encounter in creating the fair, festival or event, and how did you handle them? Please provide measurable results/examples.

2. What makes the fair, festival or event stand out as a state-wide recognized entity?

3. Why should the fair, festival or event win the Best Overall Award?

IV. Supporting Materials: (20 points)

Within a MAXIMUM of 10 pages, provide any supporting material in this section of your entry.

Judging Criteria: (10 points)

Well organized; professional content; clarity of message; design and layout; creativity and/or uniqueness; supporting materials; and measurable results. Does the entry relay the image of the event? What is the overall impression? Have all requirements been met? Does the entry match the purpose/mission for the event?

Additional Notes:

  • Be sure to answer and provide information for every section and element listed in the entry requirements. Failure to provide information for each section/element will result in a deduction of points.
  • Entries submitted without all requirements satisfied may be deemed ineligible and may not be considered. Entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Members submitting entries for Best Overall Award must register at least one person for the 2020 Texas Association of Fairs & Events Convention & Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas or arrange for a representative to accept any award on your behalf.

Please note: This entry is separate from all other categories and divisions. Judges will not refer to items in another category, nor will items be taken from this entry into another category.

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