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Category 5-Social Media

Social Media

Criteria:Selection is based on the entry communicating the image of and pertinent information related to the event, its creativity or uniqueness and its overall impression.

Submission instructions:Please follow specific instructions on each entry. Please Note: Social Media entries need to be on SEPARATE USB flash drives. If more than one Social Media entry is placed on the same USB flash drive – it will automatically be disqualified


21.Best Social Media Photograph (from a social media platform: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) (mounted on black poster board or black foam board with a 1/2” to 1” border.) One photo from the fairs social media campaign or a guest that tagged your event. Social branding must be included-not just a photo.

22.Best Social Media Promotion (can be submitted in a three ring binder or on USB flash drive)

23.Best Social Media Campaign (explain overall campaign-how sold to sponsor if applicable, and results. Can be submitted in a three ring binder or USB flash drive)

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